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Why Due Diligence Matters

Posted on : 04/25/2014

Due diligence is an investor’s forensic investigation into the viability and suitability of an investment. Ponzi schemes like Bernie Madoff’s are successful because investors blindly trust...

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  • Amount Offered: $1,500,000

    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    Stepson of the Blues LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company, seeks investments totalling $1.5 million to produce and initiate promotion for an exciting independent feature film, The Rhythm and the Blues (TRTB). Set in 1960s-1970s Chicago to a ...
    Managed By: Bonni McKeown
  • Amount Offered: $500,000

    Minimum Investment: $5,000

    Endonovo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing off-the-shelf regenerative products that no longer require the injection of stem cells. Our first platform, Cell Free Therapeutics, harnesses the biological secretions of cells to create ...
    Managed By: Alan Collier
    Health Care (Biotechnology)
  • Amount Offered: $2,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    Voyager Pacific provides investors with the opportunity to obtain significantly higher returns while investing in relatively low risk Tax Lien Certificates. Leveraging our nearly two decades of experience in the area of vacant land, we manage niche ...
    Managed By: Stephen Seal
    Real Estate (Other Real Estate)
  • Amount Offered: $8,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    The Don Beebe Story - title TBD Director: Josh Mills and TJ Amato Executive Producer: Steven Camp Don Beebe’s life story is considered one of the most  inspirational stories in all of professional sports.  His success as an ...
    Managed By: Steven Camp
  • Amount Offered: $16,500,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    The securities offered herein are debt instruments designated as FIRST MORTGAGE 7.0% NOTES (referred to herein, collectively, as the “Notes” and individually, as a “Note,” ) which pay a fixed interest rate of seven percent ...
    Managed By: Timothy French
    Real Estate (Commercial)
  • Amount Offered: $10,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $100,000

      Matterhorn Group, LLC is seeking investor capital to be utilized for the acquisition, fix up and flip of Illinois single family home investment properties in targeted strategic growth areas (1st lien position or equity ...
    Managed By: Bob Bock
    Real Estate (Residential)
  • Amount Offered: $20,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    Chalak Growth Capital Fund II, LLC (the “Fund”) is a Texas limited liability Company established by CM7 Capital Partners, LLC (the “Manager”) to make private equity investments. The Founding Members of CM7 Capital ...
    Managed By: Ronak Parikh
    Restaurants (Restaurants)
  • Amount Offered: $1,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    Mission and Strategy Soltura will enable the transition to a sustainable future by providing capital and innovation in order to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions that are competitive with the existing ...
    Managed By: Laura Chung
    Energy (Electric Utilities)
  • Amount Offered: $3,900,000

    Minimum Investment: $150,000

    Patriot Energy Group was founded in 2002 in Woburn, MA. Since its founding, Patriot Energy Group has grown into one of the top energy management companies in the Northeast. During the past 10 years, we have opened offices in Dallas, TX, Stamford, ...
    Managed By: Steve Thompson
    Energy (Oil and Gas)
  • Amount Offered: $2,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $100,000

    5 Star Investing, LLC is a real estate investment company that utilizes private investors to help fund their projects. In return for their capital, investors in our multi-family real estate opportunities enjoy not only an equity share in ...
    Managed By: Earl Miller
    Real Estate (Commercial)
  • Amount Offered: $7,250,000

    Minimum Investment: $23,500

    Hoolux Medical LLC, a Delaware Incorporated, advertising technology company, enables pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies to target customers directly in point of care locations. The healthcare companies pay a premium for that ...
    Managed By: Ian Gallagher
    Health Care (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Amount Raised: $5,677,367

    Minimum Investment: $10,000

    American Homeowner Preservation American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) offers socially responsible high-yield distressed mortgage investments. Investor funds are pooled to purchase pools of troubled mortgages from banks at big discounts. AHP ...
    Managed By: Jorge Newbery
    Private Equity (Debt)
  • Amount Offered: $10,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $75,000

    Sovereign Nations Income Fund I LLC (“SNI Fund I”) is an investment company that will specialize in providing capital for the growth and development of the economy of Sovereign Communities throughout the United States by engaging ...
    Managed By: Richard Turasky
    Banking and Financial Services
  • Amount Offered: $3,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    Ever since the first Model-T rolled off the Detroit assembly line, the automobile has been synonymous with freedom – the freedom to explore a world far beyond the horizon.   Now… RYNO offers a new kind of freedom – the ...
    Managed By: Chris Hoffman
    Travel (Other Travel)
  • Amount Offered: $20,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $1,000

    Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation earns revenue by providing debt and equity financing to wellness centers, growing facilities, dispensaries and key product developers within the legal medical and recreational marijuana markets. Phoenix Pharms ...
    Managed By: Todd Mauney
    Health Care (Other Health Care)
  • Amount Offered: $2,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $10,000

    The BomBoard is the only high performance jet ski that is transportable in the back of a car and affordable to a huge market of millions of action sports enthusiasts. We think of it as a go-kart on the water for young people, so we are calling it a ...
    Managed By: Anders Stubkjaer
    Travel (Other Travel)
  • Amount Offered: $2,500,000

    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    BUSINESS SUMMARY has developed a patent pending search engine that connects patients with Health-Care professionals. This product is the Kayak or for Health-Care Professionals and those ...
    Managed By: Marc Grossman
    Health Care (Other Health Care)
  • Amount Offered: $837,000

    Minimum Investment: $54,000

    Promanas Group’s commercial real estate investment fund, PF2, is a well established investment vehicle that focuses on providing consistent cash distributions and predictable returns to its investors. Since its inception, PF2 has achieved its ...
    Managed By: John Bogdasarian
    Real Estate (Commercial)
  • Amount Raised: $162,500

    Minimum Investment: $32,500

    Production analysis and volumetric reserve estimates indicate that the North Earlsboro Field may have over 1,000,000 BBL of remaining recoverable oil that was left behind following its initial development phase. Patriot Natural Resources plans to ...
    Managed By: Jim Pollak
    Oil and Gas
  • Amount Raised: $4,600,000

    Minimum Investment:

    The TPH Energy Equity Long Strategy Fund LP is a fundamental long equity strategy focused on the energy sector; predominantly a North American investment opportunity with exposure in developed energy economies outside of the US. TPH believes that ...
    Managed By: Cansu Arslan
    Hedge (Long-Short Equity: Value)
  • Amount Offered: $6,900,000

    Minimum Investment: $34,500

    Iroquois Valley Farms LLC is a food and farmland company making impact investments in local and organic agriculture following triple bottom line principles. Formed in 2007, Iroquois Valley Farms was the first socially responsible farmland ...
    Managed By: Kevin Egolf
  • Amount Raised: $48,950,000

    Minimum Investment: $500,000

    The Fund's investment objective is to achieve superior, uncorrelated returns by investing in troubled companies with the proper fundamentals for a successful turnaround. These companies may be underperforming for various reasons including ...
    Managed By: Sal Bonomo
    Hedge (Market Neutral: Distressed Securities)
  • Amount Offered: $15,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $100,000

    Algebraix Data is the semantic web company. Through its patented math-based technology, the company is building the next generation platform for semantic computing applications. Through its patented high-performance SPARQL Server™ graph ...
    Managed By: Charles Silver
    Technology (Computers)
  • Amount Raised: 750,000

    Minimum Investment: $47,500

    Legacy Income Properties (“Company” or “LIP”) is aTexas-based oil & gas investment & divestitures firm whose mission is to provide individual accredited investors access to a diverse portfolio of oil & gas ...
    Managed By: Mark Mersman
    Oil and Gas
  • Amount Offered: $150,000

    Minimum Investment: $1,500

    Pradux: The world's largest database of styles worn by TV stars & celebrities. 
    Managed By: Alexander Koblenz
    Technology (Other Technology)
  • Amount Offered: $750,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    Early Beginnings: We’ve come a long way since the company was established by Phil Kithil in 2006. Initially, the idea was to use pumps that would take advantage of wave action and bring colder deep water towards the surface in an attempt to ...
    Managed By: Phil Kithil
    Energy (Other Energy)

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Never been associated with a Date: 07/30/2014

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Never been associated with a more responsible company. SCT is going places!

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about future Date: 05/21/2014

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great site>> thank you ALGEBRAIX>>

Great Space, The Future in healthcare Date: 03/12/2014

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The Future of Healthcare is Transparency