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  • Amount Raised:

    Minimum Investment: $100,000

    DABCO Capital focuses on value oriented and out of favor segments of the real estate market. DABCO's current investment focus is on single family homes within a carefully targeted segment of the U.S. market which has ...
    Managed By: Duncan Lee
    Real Estate
  • Amount Offered: 10,000,000

    Minimum Investment: 25,000

    Silicon Bay Partners is a holding company established to acquire and develop new leading edge technologies as well as promising early growth stage companies within the Software, Internet, Mobile Applications, and Real Estate sectors. Management ...
    Managed By: Randy Hucks
    Technology (Other Technology)
  • Amount Offered: $8,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $50,000

    The Don Beebe Story - title TBD Director: Josh Mills and TJ Amato Executive Producer: Steven Camp Don Beebe’s life story is considered one of the most  inspirational stories in all of professional sports.  His success as an ...
    Managed By: Steven Camp
  • Amount Offered: $30,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $10,000

    American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) offers socially responsible high-yield distressed mortgage investments. Investor funds are pooled to purchase pools of troubled mortgages from banks at big discounts. AHP then offers sustainable solutions ...
    Managed By: AHP Capital Management LLC
    Real Estate (Residential)
  • Amount Offered: $3,000,000

    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    Ever since the first Model-T rolled off the Detroit assembly line, the automobile has been synonymous with freedom – the freedom to explore a world far beyond the horizon.   Now… RYNO offers a new kind of freedom – the ...
    Managed By: Chris Hoffman
    Travel (Other Travel)

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